My name is Nicolas Lehane, I'm 25 and live in Belgium. I'm a self-taught photographer, mainly focused on nature photography.  

Why photography ? 
I always wanted to have a kind of "artistic" hobby. I tried several things, to express my artistic passion (DJing, drawing...), but never found something I truly loved, until I stepped into photography in 2014. Since then, my passion for this art never left me. 
What I love the most is exploring nature. Before, I never took the time for it, but now photography has given me a reason to do it. Like Thomas Heaton said it, your camera is like a companion. You don't feel alone when you go out, plus, nothing is more peaceful than having a beach, canyon or even a forest all for yourself.
Furthermore, I particularly love simple, yet striking compositions that immediately catch the eye. Other than that, I also love shooting architecture and cityscapes.

And last but not least...
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope you appreciate my work.
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